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Watcher is fully versatile, lightweight and can be used with all types of stands. It is a must have for hunters with disabilities.  It allows the hunter to cover areas with little to no movement.

With it's built-in fog-free and glare-resistant magnification you don't have to worry about Mr. Buck slipping up on you again.

Watcher has special coatings on the back, which bring out browns, blacks, and colors to make a deer stand out.

This product is locally owned and manufactured. The Watcher allows the hunter a 360 degree field of view with minimal movement.

We all have one or more excuses why we didn't get that shot. 

Most of the time it's, "I didn't see that big buck until it was too late". With WATCHER properly positioned you can reduce that chance of this happening again!

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!
I thought I saw something and while I was trying to find it, a big deer walked by and I couldn't get my shot.
I was watching a big doe and didn't see Mr. Buck until it was too late.

I saw movement, turned back, and all I saw was the tail end of a big deer going into the woods.

When I turned around all I saw was a huge rack running off.

I didn't see the deer until he was right upon me.

I was watching turkeys and when I turned around, a buck was walking off

I had a 10-pointer walk right up to my stand and couldn't move without him seeing me.

WATCHER is excellent for the big game hunter.

It can be used with all types of stands: box, ground, mobile, climbing stands, etc. It allows the hunter to keep movement at a minimum without losing eye contact with the shooting areas he would otherwise have to turn around to observe. Images in The Watcher are clear and sharp which allows the hunter to take notice of any movement quickly and identify wildlife better than any other hunting mirror on the market. The flexible arm allows the hunter to position mirror to any desired location. The bracket on the mirror allows the hunter the move the Watcher to any position on the flexible arm. Special features on the clamp allows the Watcher to be easily secured to almost any sized limb, branch, rail, wood, or object. No other hunting mirror on the market has the ability that the Watcher has.  We have all had those other big bucks slip up on us. With the WATCHER you can actually watch the deer on both sides of your stand at the same time without moving. WATCHER is completely adjustable and in the right location you can now say...THE BUCK STOPS HERE!!!

Watcher proudly stands behind our product. We are the only hunting mirror with a money back guarantee on the market!


The watcher's reflective coating allows hunters to observe surroundings before and after legal shooting hours.

Watcher company stresses that hunters observe legal shooting time.

Watcher company supports any and all local and federal game laws.

Free shipping for Shreveport/Bossier City and some surrounding areas!!!

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